Got A Sweet Tooth??

Well I have the cure....


Introducing... BeachBars

Rich chocolate. Creamy nut butters. The perfect GLUTEN FREE, zero transfat snack.

You’ve been waiting for this – a snack bar with real chocolate chips, nut butters, and protein crisps – and just 150 calories. BEACHBAR has an exceptional protein-to-calorie ratio in each crispy, chewy bite.

A snack bar that's delicious and just 150 calories.

This isn’t your typical snack bar because it’s not made with too much sugar or too many carbs. We perfected BEACHBAR to satisfy your craving while giving your body the good stuff to keep going. Which means it tastes great without undermining your fitness and weight-loss goals.



Chocolate Cherry Almond:

The chocolatey, cherry treat that tastes decadent and still packs 10g of protein in just 150 calories. Made with almonds, real chocolate chips, almond butter, dried cherries, and other beneficial ingredients.

$39.80 / 15 ct box USD + s&h


Peanut Butter Chocolate:

Peanut butter and chocolate? Yes, please. Made with peanuts, real chocolate chips, peanut butter, and other beneficial ingredients.

$39.80 / 15 ct box USD + s&h

So What Makes Up These Delicious Bars?

Wholesome ingredients you can recognize and count on. 10g protein, 5-6g sugar, and just 150 calories. An excellent proportion of protein to calories (10g / 150 calories). It's a taste that can’t be beat. 

Peanut And Almond Butter:

A great source of protein and fiber plus aded creaminess

Dried cherries:

A tasty way to get a beneficial source of dietary fiber and phytonutrients

Whey and pea protein crisps:

The whey protein provides all 9 essential amino acids. Pea protein is a plant based course of protein that includes key amino acids as well.

Real chocolate chips:

From real cocoa beans which add a rich and delicious flavor. The way chocolate is meant to be,

Diced Peanut and Amonds:

A great source of the good fat (monounsaturated fats). They also provided protein and fiber; adding to the bar's rich and nutty flavor

Pomegranate Juice:

A powerful source of phytonutrients. It adds a tart fruity sweetness.

How does it size up next to other bars?


**Competitive bar nutrition information collected January 2018 for the following brands and flavors:
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